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Arrival note (visa registration)

According to the legislation of Russian Federation a foreign national arriving in Russian Federation should notify about the arrival the migration service in 3 working days, i.e. get the arrival notice.
To get the arrival notice you should address the company that is indicated in visa as a host party and present the following documents: a copy of the passport, of the Russian visa and a migration card. 
A tear strip of the arrival notice with the record of the migration registry office is a conformation of your registration.
Before leaving Russian Federation a foreign national should inform the host company about that. The issued arrival notice should be submitted to the registration service in 2 working days from the departure. 
In case a foreign national stays in a hotel the hotel management is to issue the arrival notice. The arrival notice is issued for the period of residence.
In case a foreign national stays in Russia for less than 3 working days the arrival notice is not necessary.
We draw your attention to the fact that the absence of the arrival notice or its late issue brings about penalty amounting to 40 000 rubles. Besides, a foreign national may face difficulties at the departure and next arrival in RF.

If you are in Russia but you don’t know who invited you, how to find the company that invited you, how to extend the visa, etc. – simply call us and we will do our best to help you!


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